🗣Leaked video of Bill Gates presentations to CIA in 2005. in brief.. video discusses a PLANNED viral outbreak that would be followed up by vaccination program. vaccine to be the carrier for genetic modification chemical that would modify central brain of RELIGIOUS FANATICS. Then their focus was middle East...China's Focus tgen and now are Christians..
Bill Gates Foundation NOW focus is Africa & India.. My humble opinion is COVID19 VACCINATIONS will be used as a carrier for GM the human race...

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almost 2 years

Hmmm 🤔 That doesn’t look like Bill Gates to me. Has anyone confirmed the authenticity of this video? I’m not a fan of Bill’s agendas. But something doesn’t feel right. Again are you absolutely sure that is Bill Gates? Doesn’t sound like him to me. I’ve never heard of FunVax - sounds weird! Thoughts?

about 2 years

God is with us..

Mr Rhuben
about 2 years


about 2 years

May The Lord continue to expose the works of darkness.